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Safeguarding Policy

The Directors of CCMG LTD and all building users have a duty to safeguard vulnerable users of the Centre and those who may come into contact with vulnerable users.

They should respond to any concerns they may have regarding the physical, sexual, emotional or psychological safety of a vulnerable person or concerns relating to discriminatory or financial violation or exploitation of a vulnerable person.

This policy is in place to protect all vulnerable persons regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion or faith.


The welfare of the child or vulnerable adult is paramount and is the responsibility of everyone. All children and vulnerable adults, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse, whether physical, verbal, sexual, bullying, exclusion or neglect. Bullying, shouting, physical violence, sexism and racism towards children will not be permitted or tolerated.

Policy Statement

  • No member of the CCMG LTD team will have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults unless they have been through the safe recruitment procedure and Child Protection or Vulnerable Adults Protection training.
  • All suspicions or allegations of abuse against a child will be taken seriously and dealt with speedily and appropriately.
  • All members of the CCMG LTD team need to be aware of this policy, child protection and vulnerable adult issues.
  • There will be a nominated and named Vulnerable Users Representative to whom any suspicions or concerns should be reported. That person is Paul Hanlon.
  • The Directors will endeavour to keep the premises safe for use by children and vulnerable adults. The Directors recognise that a higher standard of safety is required where use is made by small children, those who cannot read safety notices and physically disabled adults.
  • The Directors will require hirers to report any damage, breakages or safety issues needing attention to them. Such issues will be dealt with as soon as practicable in the light of the circumstances with provision to prevent access by children and vulnerable adults pending repair where appropriate.
  • Contractors engaged to carry out work to the premises must not be allowed unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults.
  • If the premises are being used by more than one organisation, the attention of Hirers must be drawn to the need to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are supervised when using the toilets.
  • Any organisations or individuals hiring the Centre for the purposes of holding activities where Ofsted or CQC registration is required should show their registration and their own child protection policy. Safe recruitment processes should be used to appoint staff who will be working with children or vulnerable adults in any kind of activity.
  • The Directors will ensure that Hirers are aware that no children may be admitted to films when they are below the age classification for the film or show in question. No gambling or entertainment of an adult or sexual nature shall be permitted on the premises.
  • These policies and procedures shall be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate in the interim period.

Any organisations or individuals hiring the Centre as a venue for an event or activity for under 18s or vulnerable adults must ensure that they are fully cognisant of relevant and current safeguarding requirements. When using the Centre they must adopt suitable procedures to ensure that they fully comply with the law, good practice and common sense including sufficient and appropriate levels of supervision at all times. The Directors reserve the right to require hirers to provide copies of their own safeguarding policies and procedures to give appropriate assurance as necessary.